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Sitcoms create story worlds too…

Last Thursday night I sat down for my weekly ritual two hour sitcom marathon, which is sure to include the latest episode of The Office. I’ll also mention that it happens to be one of my favourite shows that still … Continue reading

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Adobe, Choice and Transmedia Storytelling

Lisa Auslen, executive vice president in Silicon Valley, explains how Edelman ensured the successful launch of Adobe‚Äôs Creative Suite 5 (CS5) by conveying the benefits of open technology for creativity, self-expression and the free flow of ideas. If you watch … Continue reading

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Cra$h and Burn: Interactive Episode

T.V. series drama “Cra$h and Burn”, revolving around corrupt insurance adjusters on the Showcase network decided to take a unique turn so the fans can take part and have a more hands on experience. The producers went to JAM3 designers … Continue reading

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Recap of our September 19th class!

Hey Transmediums! Just a quick recap of what we did yesterday in class: We split up into groups and created this very blog, our twitter account ( and a YouTube channel ( Now we’re all set to start exploring all … Continue reading

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