Recap of our September 19th class!

Hey Transmediums!

Just a quick recap of what we did yesterday in class:

We split up into groups and created this very blog, our twitter account ( and a YouTube channel ( Now we’re all set to start exploring all sorts of Transmedia Storytelling and letting others know of what we’ve found!

Then, in smaller groups, we examined different ways to extend existing story worlds. Great ideas abounded with an extension to Minority Report, Shakespeare and even Biblical fanfiction to name a few.

Finally, we looked at three different story world extensions via video for Nightmare Before Christmas from Indy, Misfits from Thaddeus and Doctor Who from Jane.

Can’t wait to see what people find over the week! If you feel so inclined, post a blog post about it and remember to comment on the original page and send people over here. The more traffic we get, the better.

Just by mentioning the word “transmedia” in a tweet yesterday, I got two major followers following my Twitter who are all about Transmedia Storytelling (they are part of Story Labs). You never know who you’ll connect to!

Have a good week!


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