The Story World of The HTML5 Music Video

With the increasing popularity of HTML5 coding, new and exciting possibilities are constantly being introduced into the big wide world of the online web. One of the most recent and compelling advancements that’s come along with the new capabilities is HTML5’s ability to merge predetermined and foreseen content with on-the-spot user-selected content into a single video. Equally exciting is the new manner of “transcending” the restrictive browser window, as these HTML5 films can open and close multiple windows, sizing and stacking them deliberately to create a truly unique experience. Of late, this has manifested into some groundbreakingly cool music videos.

Check out a few of them after the jump.

Recently, the Transmediums have been investigating what it takes to create a compelling story world. We’ve analyzed and recognized an array of components that work to draw in an audience, not only to hold their attention, but also to effectively make them care. Films such as these music videos cast away with those traditional necessities, and instead lay full focus on user interactivity. By layering a fantasy world on top of the audience’s real world, they manage to create a hybrid universe which their audience is already inherently attached to.

NOTE: these videos work best in the Google Chrome internet browser.
download it here

The Wilderness Downtown
Arcade Fire and director Chris Milk team up to tell a story of angsty/beautiful childhood rebellion… starring you in the neighbourhood you grew up in!

All Is Not Lost
The latest from internet video guru band OK GO, this film is less narrative based, but still showcases the creative possibilities of user interactivity in HTML5 video. Instead, the video works to create an entrancing, visually stimulating world – like a kaleidoscope.

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One Response to The Story World of The HTML5 Music Video

  1. IndyAdvant says:

    I love all is not lost 🙂 The video is incredible. There is another version on America’s got Talent that takes you outside of the HTML5 view:

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