Recap of What We Learned In Class On September 26th/11

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Bloggettes,

I know this is being posted a little late, but at least it’s up before the next class!

On Monday, September 26th/11, we began the class with a very informative Case Study created by Mike Wisniowski on The World Of The Matrix. Mike went into detail about several of the story worlds that branched off of the The Matrix Film Franchise; The Animatrix, Enter The Matrix The Videogame, The Matrix Comics, The Matrix Soundtrack and The Matrix Online Game, just to name a few.

After Mike’s presentation, we brainstormed as a class and came up with many different kinds of Genres, Themes and Characters audiences see and experience in story worlds. Afterwards, we got into groups and randomly selected four slips of paper; two of the slips of paper had types of Characters on them, one slip of paper had a type of Genre written on it and the last slip of paper had a type of Theme written on it. We were required to come up with a story that could easily translate into Transmedia Storytelling with the information we were given and pitch it to the class. We pitched out rough ideas to the class and we will return to them later to look at them in more depth.

Until next time!

-Emily Powell (emilytiana)


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