Re-cap – Class on October 3rd.

Hello again!

On Monday October 3rd we had a very productive and thought-provoking class. Indy’s group kicked it off with their stimulating case study on RIP: A Remix Manifesto, an open-source documentary by Brett Gaylor that addresses the debate on copyright infringement and its influences on our media literate culture. We talked about how copyright laws affect the transmedia world, and whether or not these laws restrict our creative freedoms as independent artists.

Following that, we had an outstanding presentation by Luise’s group on our favorite Caped Crusader. They presented us with the early origins of the Dark Knight and showed us his many incarnations, from Adam West to Christian Bale, while listing Batman’s success on multiple-media platforms. We discussed the reason why Batman is arguably the most popular comic book superhero of our era, listing reasons such as iconic symbols, compelling villains and, of course, a relatable mortal hero.

We finished the class by breaking off into groups and creating a story world that touched at least three different media platforms. This helped us understand how to use different media outlets to enhance our story world and interact with our audiences. All in all a creatively interesting class!


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