The New Social Gaming

Never mind the gamertags – hashtags are where it’s at.

Social involvement isn’t exactly a new idea when it comes to video games. Multiplayer functionality, scoreboards, and online gaming are all advents that came along with the idea of uniting gamers with each other for an added dimension of real-world fun to their artificial-world gaming. But a new game on the market takes on social gaming in a truly unique way.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
 is an iOS platform game (that means just for Apple products) that allows for players to link to their Twitter account, and tweet in-game messages. At any point in their gaming adventure, they can tweet out any line of text that they come across, whether it be on a sign, a piece of dialogue, or otherwise. The functionality allows for players to update their friends & followers about their progress through the game, or just to share something they feel is particularly poetic or humorous.

  •  “We were like groan not another fetch quest amirite? #sworcery”
  • “One or two more sylvan sprites sent skyward will soothe the ceaseless storm… and then it will be a time of miracles! #miracles #sworcery”
  • “We flew skywards over scattered woods & endless lakes, a shimmering autumnal landscape glimpsed from the belly of the creature. #sworcery”

Although often intriguing, these updates really won’t mean all that much to your average follower. But if a player should choose to tweet every line of text that they encounter throughout the game, then they’ll actually be telling the story of their entire adventure to anyone who cares to follow it.

It’s worth mentioning that Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP also makes use of multiple platforms through its soundtrack. The developers of the game employed the musical talents of Juno nominee Jim Guthrie, to soundtrack the game. The music then found its way onto an ultra-rare record entitled Scientific American’s Moon Grotto 7″: lunatic songscapes from #sworcery.

Even more interesting is that the album turned into a live event on June 30th of this year. Guthrie assembled a seven-piece band to perform a live rock concert of songs from the game. The show appropriately took place on the night of an astronomical “dark moon”; a pertinent plot point in S:S&S EP

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