“We Are Many”

We Are Many is a documentary about the never-before-told story of the biggest protest in history, on 15 February 2003, and its legacy, through the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement. The day that saw an estimated 30 million people in over 700 cities around the world, gave birth to a new global social movement.

What we are witnessing around the world today with the 99% in America, the Indignados in Spain, UK Uncut, the Arab Spring, is directly linked to what took place on February 15 2003. From Wall Street to Wisconsin, from Madrid to Athens, and all across the Middle East, people are rising up to make their voices heard. This is a story of anger, passion and remarkable people striving for justice and democracy. It’s a story of huge change happening in our time.

We will bring you the real story, the people’s story, including interviews with those whose protest experiences catapulted them into founding ‘people powered’ campaigning movements. Most of the people who helped create the biggest human gathering ever seen in one day are unknown ordinary people reaching for the extraordinary.

We will demonstrate the remarkable links between the 2003 protests and the Arab Spring, as well as with the occupation of cities across Europe, and now in America too. The Occupy Movement in America and rest of the world is the latest chapter of one of the great untold stories of people power. Our cameras are there to capture the historic moments.

Join them and be a part of it.


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Ken Loach – World-renowned film director is a Patron of the project
Danny Glover – Actor and activist is a Patron of the project
Brian Eno
Jesse Jackson
Richard O’Brien – Writer of the Rocky Horror Show
Medea Benjamin – Code Pink
Mark Rylance – British Actor
Lindsay German – Stop The War Coalition
Tariq Ali
Ricken Patel – Co-founder of Avaaz
Leslie Cagan – United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)
Harry Belafonte
Noam Chomsky
Tim Robbins – Actor
Arundhati Roy – Author

War on Want
Stop The War Coalition
Code Pink
Global Exchange
38 Degrees
The Tipping Point Film Fund
Puma Awards
TED Fellowship Team
Sundance/BritDoc Good Pitch
Film Forum
Joseph Clark Charitable Trust

Producer-Director Amir Amirani has gathered a stellar team to make this film happen.
Rachel Portman – Academy Award winning composer
Immy Humes – Academy Award nominated US Producer
Taghi Amirani – Executive Producer and TED Senior Fellow
Laura Hastings-Smith – Producer ‘Hunger’, Cannes Camera D’Or winner
Frances Stonor Saunders, Co-Producer
We are also very pleased that PBS in America through Independent Lens, have expressed an interest in acquiring and broadcasting the film, and UK distributor Dogwoof have expressed an interest in distribution.


In the USA, we are proud that our 501 (c) 3 Fiscal Sponsor is the renowned Film Forum in NY.

All pledges made to this film are 100% tax deductible.

We have already received media attention in The Guardian, The Times, Alliance Magazine, the world’s leading philanthropy publication, and in the leading European Documentary magazine Dox, writing about Pitches in Europe.

You can visit the We Are Many Website, and our Facebook page, as well as Twitter: @15Feb2003

To discuss playing a greater part in the film, please contact us directly on:



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