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Penn & Teller go Transmedia!

For years the magical comedy duo have saturated different media platforms (i.e- television, film, video games, etc.) with their combination of illusion and comedy. However, they recently have developed an interactive television program that involves the participation of the audience … Continue reading

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Re-cap – Class on October 3rd.

Hello again! On Monday October 3rd we had a very productive and thought-provoking class. Indy’s group kicked it off with their stimulating case study on RIP: A Remix Manifesto, an open-source documentary by Brett Gaylor that addresses the debate on … Continue reading

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New Star Trek bridges movies with comics

The Star Trek franchise has long embraced transmedia, appearing over four-decades as everything from television shows to novels to movies to video games. But while these transmedia properties have expanded the Star Trek universe for nearly half a decade, they … Continue reading

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Recap of What We Learned In Class On September 26th/11

Hello Fellow Bloggers and Bloggettes, I know this is being posted a little late, but at least it’s up before the next class! On Monday, September 26th/11, we began the class with a very informative Case Study created by Mike … Continue reading

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Entering the Matrix

Mike Wisniowski’s Case Study on the Matrix Universe. Entering the Matrix View more presentations from Mike Wisniowski.

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Sitcoms create story worlds too…

Last Thursday night I sat down for my weekly ritual two hour sitcom marathon, which is sure to include the latest episode of The Office. I’ll also mention that it happens to be one of my favourite shows that still … Continue reading

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Adobe, Choice and Transmedia Storytelling

Lisa Auslen, executive vice president in Silicon Valley, explains how Edelman ensured the successful launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 (CS5) by conveying the benefits of open technology for creativity, self-expression and the free flow of ideas. If you watch … Continue reading

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